Name: phpBB
Version: 2.0.6
Grösse: 657kB
Screenshot: Original
Beschreibung: PHP-basierte Boardsoftware

Heute Nacht...

... die Nacht der Nächte *g* - zumindest für die aktuelle Verion des phpBB, welches eine weitere Etappe zu höherer Sicherheit zurück gelegt hat. Die aktuellen Zusatzfeatures:

  • Fixed various email issues
  • Fixed registration email bug with Administrator Confirmation used
  • Fixed mass emailer
  • Fixed long post time issue
  • Fixed bug with usernames containing single quotes
  • Fixed word list bug - Word boundaries were not considered
  • Fixed vulnerability in style admin
  • Fixed sql injection vulnerability in viewtopic
  • Fixed vulnerability allowing server side variable access in search
  • Fixed potential vulnerability in 2.0.5 login username entry
  • Fixed sql injection with reset date format field in profile
  • Fixed several vulnerabilities in modcp
  • Changed whois lookup address within admin index

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