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09-02-2004, 15:59

QtForum.org (http://www.qtforum.org/) veranstaltet mit freundlicher unterstützung von Trolltech einen Programming Contest.
das press release folgt:

Philippsburg and Karlsruhe - February 9, 2004

QtForum.org, the independent Qt community Website launched October 2003,
today announced the QtForum.org Developer Contest. The subject for the
contest is edutainment. This QtForum.org Developer Contest is sponsored
by Trolltech as a part of the company's support of the open source

The First prize for the QtForum.org Developer contest is USD1500, and
the second prize is USD750. Two Third prizes, the Judge's Choice Prize
and the Community Choice Prize, will each be awarded USD500.

"QtForum.org is responding to the need for a developer community for the
growing number of Qt developers out there," says QtForum.org's Community
Manager Christian Kienle. "The QtForum.org contest aims to bring Qt
developers together and challenge them to be creative with Qt in the
field of edutainment."

Eligible contest entries can be any English language version of an
original "edutainment" software application developed using Qt versions
3.2.3 or later. "Edutainment" software is software written to educate
the users while it entertains them. The software must be licensed under
an Open Source license.

The contest winners will be announced on the QtForum.org and Trolltech
Websites: http://www.qtforum.org and http://www.trolltech.com.

"We are very excited about the open source community's initiative to
establish an independent Qt community Website," said Matthias Ettrich,
Trolltech's Director of Software Development Desktop Platforms. "The
QtForum.org Edutainment Contest will help boost this excellent
initiative and we are looking forward to seeing many new Qt based
applications as a result."

The contest is open to individuals who are independent software
developers or to companies which are software developers. Developers may enter works created individually or in collaboration with
other eligible contestants. The deadline for submitting contest entries
is May 31.

For more information on the contest: http://contest.qtforum.org/

About Qt Forum
QtForum.org is a Qt community website founded in October 2003. The aim
is to build a community of developers who are using Qt for commercial or
non-commercial work. Since its start, QtForum.org has increased with
about 100 new members a month.

About Trolltech
Trolltech(r) is a software company with two flagship products: Qt(r) and
Qtopia(r). Qt is a multi-platform C++ application framework developers
can use to write single-source applications that run -- natively -- on
Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X and embedded Linux. Qt has been used to
build thousands of successful commercial applications worldwide, and is
the basis of the open source KDE desktop environment. Qtopia is the
first comprehensive application environment built for embedded Linux,
and is used in Sharp's line of Zaurus PDAs. Trolltech is headquartered
in Oslo, Norway, with offices in Brisbane, Australia, and Palo Alto,
California. More about Trolltech can be found at http://www.trolltech.com.

For further information, please contact:

Michael Goettsche

Tonje Sund
PR Manager Europe
Trolltech AS

vielleicht sind hier ja einige entwickler interessiert :).